More hand painted 1:12 scale dollhouse furniture

Here are a few more pictures that I found of my dollhouse furniture that I hand painted.


My dollhouse miniature designer beds

These are some of the dollhouse beds I have made using a 2 x 4 as the base. That makes it about the size of a twin size or 3 quarter size bed for a dollhouse. I printed the material for the bed cover and made the dust ruffle and the pillows and I cut the wood for the head boards.

dollhouse miniature designer beds


My very first hand painted dollhouse!

This is the first dollhouse that I built and hand painted. It's been several years ago but I remember how much fun it was! I had built several dollhouses before this one, but this is the first one I artistically hand painted.

hand painted dollhouse


My handmade dollhouse miniature Tea Room in a cigar box

This is a little Tea Room I made in a cigar box. The outside is hand painted and it opens in the center. I had to go on eBay to find empty cigar boxes that opened in the center!
handmade dollhouse miniature Tea Room in a cigar box


Handpainted Wisteria Cottage Dollhouse

This is a dollhouse that I built from a kit and then painted it to be a Wisteria Cottage.


My handmade and hand painted dollhouse furniture

Today I was going through some pictures and came across these pictures of dollhouse furniture that I have made and/or hand painted.


A little inspiration for decorating your dollhouse

decorating your dollhouse

I would never have thought to put a grandfather clock on a stairway landing.....but it looks charming here. Of course the kitty and puppies are adorable, too!


Making Miniature Punched Rugs with Embroidery Thread

Making Miniature Punched Rugs with Embroidery Thread

Punch needle embroidery has a rich and varied history.  It has been used to embellish clothing and to create beautiful works of art.  Using a single strand of embroidery floss you can create a wonderful miniature "hooked" rug.


Display Miniature Plate Collection in Dollhouse Kitchen

Miniature Plate Collection

I thought this was a great way to display your plates in your dollhouse kitchen or dining room.


Valentine Cupcake Stove Vignette Dollhouse Kit

Oh my goodness! This is an adorable stove kit from true2scaleLook inside the oven door! It's a 1:48 scale stove and it comes in the kit, too.


Camel Lamp Dollhouse Miniature

I found this awesome camel lamp today and just had to share! Is this not just the cutest thing?


Toys for the Dollhouse....just a few ideas!

Toys for the Dollhouse

I'm always looking for ideas for the children's room in my dollhouses and came across these pictures. I believe the rocking cow could easily be made from poster board and a little brown paint.

Dollhouse Miniature Teenager Inspiration

I just love how this teenage girl is posed! The blue outfit and the blue ribbon hairband are just too cute. In case you can't tell, she is eating from a cluster of grapes. These could easily be made from clay.

More Dollhouse Miniature Garden Inspiration

Do you have a mailbox for your dollhouse? This is such a darling idea!

Dollhouse Miniature Garden Inspiration

Today I've found two lovely ideas for you to decorate the outdoor area of your dollhouse.

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